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Larry Weidel
Clouds from Both Sides

Clouds from Both Sides

Like Alfred Stieglitz, I am fascinated by the formation of clouds and their illusive mercurial nature, ever-changing and evolving into ethereal forms.

However to capture an enduring image is extremely challenging given the fleeting nature of the cloudscapes.

I was driving back from a major off-road photographic expedition at the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado, climbing up towards the summit of Independence Pass. 

The road was torturous—double switchbacks with 3,000 ft drop offs.

The top of the pass was shrouded in clouds, a storm was brewing, and I could smell the electricity in the air.

I was already halfway up Mount Evans when common sense told me to get off the summit immediately—lightning strikes in this part of the Rocky Mountains are prevalent, but my inner photographer bid me to stay.

A kaleidoscope of constantly changing cloud forms was revealing itself before me. 

The crux was to capture the perfect shot. I found the perfect vantage point and waited for hours for the perfect moment. 

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