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Larry Weidel
Approaching Storm #2

Approaching Storm #2

I had been contemplating the early pioneer photographers who had captured the vision of the West a hundred years ago—the raw and rugged vistas that extend for hundreds of miles.

As a tribute to those hardy, adventurous souls, I wished to capture the essence of their early historical works.

With my trusty, beat up truck I had been exploring possible locations for weeks. I had almost given up hope of finding the perfect location with the right lighting conditions.

I was on a backcountry trail that I had not been on before, just a dotted line on the map—it topped out at just under 12,000 ft. 

As I was wrestling with the failing power steering of the truck, towards the zenith of the mountain trail, I had just crested the top when the power steering gave out.

I came to a shuddering halt and immediately fished out the toolbox.

Gasket sealant, hose clamps and luckily spare power steering fluid were located, and I went to work—the descent would be near impossible if I did not fix it.

The temperature was dropping. The clouds started to build up. A storm was approaching

I was tightening the last screw on the clamp, when I glanced up at the sky, mesmerized I dropped the screwdriver and exchanged it for my camera . . . 

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