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Landscape Photography

Serene Landscape

Landscape PhotographyLarry Weidel
Sea of Tranquility

Sea of Tranquility

Calming, inviting, and relaxing—Sea of Tranquility is a particularly serene birds-eye view of vast open waters.

Initially I was intrigued by the visible detail in the water. Fields of seaweed created dark masses under the water, alternating with brilliant aqua highlights created by the sun reflecting off of the white sand, and layered with a subtle wash of color revealing the ship paths of voyages long past.

While composing the shot, I was amazed at how the atmosphere was masterfully blending the colors of the sea and sky together. Then some interesting clouds in the distance caught my eye—a perfect compliment to balance the elements of sea below.

New: Black and White Landscape

Landscape PhotographyLarry Weidel


Though I often pass by abandoned structures on my travels, they don’t always strike my interest. But on this stormy winter day, I became enthralled with this particular scene. Decade after decade, storm after storm, this structure has stood the test of time. Though worn and weathered, it stands tall to remind us of simpler times.

Humans have an innate ability to innovate and improve—just think how differently this would be if built today—but we also have a tendency to overcomplicate things. I’m a big proponent of advancement in all areas of life, but I also know simple is better. The juxtaposition of this scene inspires me to continue to do more less.

NEW Highlands Bowl Series

Landscape PhotographyLarry WeidelComment

Aerial Views of Highlands Bowl

Highlands Bowl is where the experts ski, and even they have never seen aerial views like this. 

A bucket list item for many, Highlands Bowl is arguably the most intense skiing in all of North America. The summit, which is only accessible by foot, descends from a peak of 12,382 feet.

What makes these images unique is the vantage point. There's simply no outcropping or higher peak anywhere around where you can really see what the climb to the ridge looks like.

Even if you are one of these rare people who have the billy goat-style stamina required to make this 45 minute trek carrying skis, snowboard, and/or backpack, you still never really walk over any spot that will allow you to get these same views. 

The helicopter, on the other hand, changes everything and makes all of these views possible. 

What made this day spectacular was the fact that it was the third weekend of March, which historically has the most skiers in town and we had just had a big snowfall the previous week. So the conditions all came together on this crystal clear, snow bird Colorado day. 

They say every day is different on the mountains, and this was one of the most spectacular. We were very fortunate to record it. 

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Since these images look spectacular in black and white, we also created a black and white Highland Bowl Series, which we call Highland Bowl B&W.