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Larry Weidel
Lake Serenity

Lake Serenity

In the late summer/early fall, I hiked into the high backcountry of the Rocky Mountains.

My destination was a favorite secret location, and I was hoping to capture some close-up shots of the elusive moose that had recently migrated to the area.

There was a chill in the air as I set up my hideout. Patience and quietude were my greatest allies.

As I settled in, a powerful sense of serenity in nature overcame me—lulling me into a state of awareness.

I gazed at the moose's watering hole—the scene before me, enchanting.

I took a photograph of the lake to remind myself of that special moment.

The cool, tranquil waters contrasting against the ordered structure of the reeds created a striking composition.

The moose did not appear that day—however, nature provided me with a beautiful meditative image.

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