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New: The Bugling Bull Elk

Larry Weidel
The Bugling Bull Elk

The Bugling Bull Elk

In all my stalking, rarely do I see a bull elk of this size up close and personal.

I had been waiting for him though, nestled in a hiding spot close by, camera in hand.

At first, I sighted him in the distance.

Hoping he would make his way toward me, I quietly prepared in anticipation, triple checking my camera settings.

I knew if he made his way toward me, he would only be in my viewfinder for a few quick seconds.

He started making long strides, meandering here and there. He approached slowly, making his way closer, then further, then a little closer.

I waited. Silent, still, calm.

Then there he was, crossing right in front of me. I took frame after frame amazed at the rare sight I was seeing.