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New Black and White Landscape Image

New WorkLarry WeidelComment
Mountain Vista and Fence Posts 

Mountain Vista and Fence Posts 

In the same vein of Ansel Adams, this image captures an incredible landscape in the black and white format. 

This image takes the audience to this area of outstanding natural beauty, where one can get a sense of the vastness of the mountain range on the horizon and perhaps a poignant reminder of the feeling of awe that the early pioneers might have had when gazing to the far distance. 

The ancient fence posts remind us of those pioneers and forefathers who were free to explore new possibilities and bravely ventured west. 

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New Landscape Image

New WorkLarry WeidelComment
Prairie Storm

Prairie Storm

There's a moment right before a big storm when the clouds are rolling in and the lighting changes to an eerie white/grey color. Everything becomes illuminated, and small details and textures pop.

These are the electric moments when it's exciting to be outside and experience nature on the move.

When I look at this now, the experience of standing in the howling winds and swirling snow of the soon to arrive storm comes rushing back.

I can't begin to imagine how hard life was for the people who lived here 100 years ago, who endured storms like this on a regular basis without the conveniences of modern life. 

I've been to this prairie dozens of times before, but only in this rare moment did all things combine to create this dramatic black and white image.

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